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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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Here comes SEO Tutorial, many people are mystified about how search engine optimization actually works. Through this site, the reader will learn some of the aspects of SEO and how to apply that knowledge to their own website.


SEO Tutorial – What You Will Learn

How to Make SEO Simple

Making SEO Simple

Optimizing a website to get high traffic, is merely about giving.

Giving your visitors great content will give the search engines what they need to return relevant results to searches.

(read Wikipedia’s description of SEO)

How to Make Visitors Happy

What Makes Visitors Happy

Visitors develop impressions of you and your site as soon as they click on your links and the page starts to load.

First, they see the shapes on the screen, then their eyes focus on the actual content. For content, make sure everything is readable and provides value.

Remembering to layout your website with these factors in mind will make your visitors more prone to stay, read, and even buy.

How to Make Search Engines Happy

What Makes Search Engines Happy

Search engines exist to provide their searchers with the web sites which provide the best content relevant to their user’s search string, or keywords. They send out “spiders” or a “bots” which scour the world wide web and catalog sites based on the words used.

Among other characteristics of web sites, search engine spiders determine which websites satisfy the needs of their users for those keywords and phrases most, and rank sites by relevance.

Putting It All Together

Through the tutorials here, we teach how to put these two aspects of great SEO website design together, ensuring that your site gains the respect of visitors and search engines alike.

Using these techniques won’t guarantee a #1 spot on any search engine results page, but it can help.

Resources For SEO

I use the following resources heavily when doing any SEO Research because they are the ONLY sources I trust for best practice and SEO learning.

Don’t be offended if by all the Google stuff. Most search engines work about the same, so their suggestions work across the board to improve your site visibility.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Central has to be the best place to go for information about search engine optimization. There are tons of tools and forums there to answer just about any problem you might have.

Google Keyword Finder

One free tool Google provides is their Keyword Finder. Although I recommend getting a paid tool, this one is usable if you pay attention and have time. It will provide rough estimates on local and global searches as well as competition levels.

A Quick Keyword Tool For SEO

A really neat free tool I like is at Semrush. They have an excellent online tool for businesses to find keywords used in their areas.

SEO Tutorial

I hope you will enjoy all SEO Learning Articles so, go to any link below and let’s get started.

If you have any questions about this site or SEO, please feel free to contact Seema, your SEO Tutor.

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