Information on Affiliate-links

What is this?

Editorial articles on this website that contain this disclosure notice:

are articles that we have written because we hope their subject will be of interest to you – they are usually about sales events, special offers, product reviews, new product launches, etc that feature links to other companies’ websites.

We have not received any payments to include any of the links, from any retailer or advertiser. Articles, where this is the case, are clearly labeled Advertorial or Sponsored Content.

We have included them because we believe the contents of the article will be of interest to you, our readers, and that by creating engaging, relevant articles we offer value to you. We write about products or services we think you may want to buy – and if you do, in some cases, we may receive a commission.

We do not receive a commission on all sales, just ones where the retailer has an affiliate scheme of which we are a member. Not all the links in this type of content are affiliate links – we link to other pages on our own sites, and to other websites with whom we have no affiliate agreement, as we believe this makes the article more useful and more interesting to you.

What are affiliate schemes?

Affiliate schemes enable online retailers to track the source of their sales on the internet, and pay a commission to the websites that supply them – the objective is to generate more sales for the retailer and to allow the referring website to generate their own revenue from commission

How does it work?

We work with several affiliate networks – mainly amazon. These networks have affiliate relationships with thousands of retailers and other publishers, and their technology enables clicks on links from our sites to retailers that result in a product being purchased to be attributed to us – we then receive a commission for this sale

Your data

All these networks use cookies that contain an anonymous and unique identifier number. This number data is the only data that the networks collect and is only used to track and attribute sales.

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