Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis SEO Tutorial

SEO tutorial on how to use Traffic Analysis for your site to get a boost on ranking.

How to Analyze Your Website Traffic Statistics

Basic Traffic Analysis Tutorial

Knowing how to analyze your own website can help you see where changes need to be made to improve your search engine ranking. 

Below we will discuss how to perform your own website analysis.

The Important Site Traffic Statistics are….

The statistics we will discuss here are the most common concerns for any site owner. 

They are traffic, unique visitors, time on page, source URL, downstream sites and keywords.

Website Traffic

The term “traffic” refers to the number of visitors that come to a web page.

This is generally a good indicator of how popular that particular page is among visitors. 

Website traffic is a combination of all clicks to that page, regardless of source.

Unique Visits

The unique visits are those visitors who have never been to your site before. 

This is important to gauge how much new traffic a site is getting, and is an indicator of how both site popularity and the effectiveness of the marketing for the site.

Time on Page

The amount of time a visitor spends on a page is often overlooked as an important statistic. 

This indicates whether or not the visitors like the way your site is built.  Low time on the page can mean poor elements in navigation, graphics, page loading time or even just the way the content is formatted.

Source URL

The source URL is a handy traffic stat to know because it tells you where your traffic is coming from. 

It’s often wise to go to the sites indicated to see what they’re doing that helps your site. 

If your site is mentioned well, a thank you email is always appreciated.

Downstream Sites

The downstream site information tells me, as a web traffic analyst, a number of things. 

The two most important downstream sites to look for are a search engine and sites that are linked to from my site.

If a search engine is where visitors go after the page, it tells me they didn’t get what they were after from my content, and that should probably be worked on.
If visitors go to one of the sites I have linked to, I know my content is doing its job by getting people to believe my content to be high quality.

SEO Tip:
Traffic statistics reflect what your visitors like and dislike.  Let them tell you about their needs.

SEO Tip:
Resubmit your website for the search engines to crawl after every change… at least once weekly!

Focus of Keywords

The keywords used by anyone to find my site are very important if I am trying to derive organic traffic from the search engines. 

Hopefully, they will be words the page was built to address. 

If not, then the keyword focus of the page is incorrect and will need to be addressed.

Site Analysis is Almost an Art

As you can tell, looking at the traffic statistics for a website say a lot about that page and the site as a whole. 

Although it’s good to know how to analyze your own traffic, I recommend all site owners always get a second opinion to make sure they aren’t missing anything important.

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