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Why & When We Need SEO Service

Many sites owner often ask do we really need SEO Service and if its so important so what is the right time for starting it.

First, we should understand what search engine optimization service is.

About Search Engine Optimization Services

Some of the more common search engine optimization services available from SEO services providers are directed at different aspects of search engines that affect a website’s placement on the search engine results pages.

Most Common SEO Services

Most common search engine optimization concerns for site owners are Site Submission ServicesPreventing a page or entire site to get crawled, SEO Ranking Services, and SEO Marketing Services.

Site Submission Service

A SEO site submission service will generally include the SEO consultant submitting the website to various search engines to have them indexed. 

Without being indexed, the website won’t show up in any search for their business’ keywords.

A site submission service can help make search engines aware of new content.

When Is SEO Service For Site Submission Needed?

Although this service is paid for regularly, it’s rarely needed because the major search engines frequently “crawl” all websites. 

The only time submission to the search engines is usually needed is when changes are made to a website and the owner wants the new pages to appear in search engine results pages immediately.

Preventing Spiders From Crawling A Website

In some cases site owners don’t want a search engine spider to index a page.  In this case, it’s a matter of telling the spiders what you want. 

All you have to do is simply direct the robots to not index a page by using a robots.txt file in your web directory.

When Is It Advised To Keep A Search Engine From Crawling A Page?

It’s advised to not allow the search engine robots or spiders to index a website or certain files in a website directory in some fairly common situations. 

The most common situations would be:~   
If the site is incomplete~   
If the page is under revision~   
Some privacy issues~   

If the page is irrelevant to the categorization of the overall site

SEO Ranking Service

Your SERP’s presence with good position is what SEO ranking service is.

To rank your site on the higher ranking with On-site SEO is all about this service.

When Do I Need SEO Ranking Services?

For ranking your site in organic search, every search engine has a different algorithm to rank sites.

A SEO consultant exactly knows how to rank your site on these famous search engines.

SEO Marketing Services

Businesses occasionally require an SEO company to perform their marketing through the search engines.  This is usually called SEM or Search Engine Marketing

In search engine marketing services, the contractor will perform a variety of functions related to a business’ pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

When Do I Need SEO Marketing Services?

The SEO Marketing Service is usually employed gain traffic from either people searching for related topics on a search engine or from people reading articles on other websites. 

Where both search engine marketing and content marketing can be powerful tools to grow sales for any business, you need to know which is best for you.

If your product or service has a global appeal, search engine marketing workswell. 

For ecommerce sites of a more narrow focus, a content based approach usually works best.

How Do I Choose An SEO Services Consultant?

There are many charlatans and other people who pretend to be SEO experts, all with the end goal of getting your money. 

It’s always best to either go with someone you trust or, if you don’t know an SEO professional, to get references.

A good sign of a professional is one who will teach you how to perform your own SEO work.

What References Of My SEO Service Expert Should I Check?

Any reputable SEO professional offering you their services should be experienced in your business niche.

Time Working in SEO (at least 1 year of real SEO work)

Recognition as an Expert (membership in professional groups)

Certification by Google (even unpaid certification is good)

Verifiable references (professionals always allow contact!)

Active Websites as references

Have their own website which ranks well

Not Sure About Your SEO “Expert”?

Check the web presence of your SEO professional. 

This is as simple as doing a web search for his/her name on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  If you don’t see the majority of listing referring to your SEO consultant, something’s wrong, and you need to look for another. 

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