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SEO for Google Tutorial

SEO For Google Tutorial

What is SEO For Google Tutorial ?

Telling you the truth every work of Search Engine Optimization for our site we do is for ranking on Google SERP’s and all we offer in our tutorial are SEO for Google.

A Little About Google

Google easily captures over 70% of search engine users. This means that any search engine optimization consultant worth a teaspoon of salt will be very familiar with their practices and follow their rules implicitly, performing all their SEO for Google.

Search Engine Optimization

All search engine companies want the same thing: to provide pleasing search results for their users. 

Since most users just want answers, all search engines will value a website that provides answers to their question(their search term), valuable content (answers their needs), is easy to use (logically navigated) and keeps the user from going back to the search engine.

Answering The Users’ Questions

When a person uses the search engine they want something.  If I type in “life insurance quotes” I want to get a quote on the page I choose. 

If I type in “buy tumble weeds”, that’s what I want.  What the user wants when they use generic terms like “life insurance” is tough to predict, so I avoid them when I can unless they are the main focus of the site.  And, to SEO for Google This is a must.

SEO And Valuable Content For Google

As you optimize your site for Google, you’ll find getting your content “right” to be tough. 

Not only does it need to read well, but it needs to not clutter up the page.

Google actually tracks how long someone spends on your page and where they go next.  Any time someone leaves your site quickly (under 15 seconds is my goal) they weren’t happy with what they saw on your page.

Making A Site Easy To Use

Your visitors need to be able to find what they want quickly, and Google tracks everything, so you have to make sure your site is easy to use and navigate when performing SEO for Google. 

Otherwise they will not put you on page one and, most likely, drop your rankings severely.

Summarizing SEO for Google

So, as you can see, Search Optimization for Google is actually about serving your users, because that’s where the search engines get their money. 

They know the sites their users like, and reward those well.  Perform your SEO for your users to be happy, and you will be performing SEO for Google.

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