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Content Uses Basic English Composition

This section SEO For Content Tutorial focuses on how to write your own web content in a way that’s logical and gets your point across easily. 

Writing your own copy for your website is one of the toughest parts of web design

You can develop your own winning website content by using basic communication and English composition skills.


This page teaches about web pages that are information or article based. 

The Best Form Of Writing Content Is…

Logical and flows smoothly.  Remember high school composition?  There we learned how to make essays because they are the best ways to communicate thoughts and ideas. 

Since its important to communicate well with your visitors on your site, it makes sense that an essay form is the best way to get your message across.

The Right Format For Content Is…

It’s important to choose the “right” way of passing your message on to your readers. It’s not hard to do, if you just go back to high school English class and write your website copy in essay form. 

I recommend reading up on the different types of essays, butthe most used (and most easily understood) essay type is the Expository Essay,where you communicate your idea in a step by step process.

Shaping Your Content

Before even the first paragraph is written, you’ll need to know what readers appreciate when they see articles on the internet (without even reading a word!).

When people land on a page, they first see shapes, then individual words. So, shape is important. What studies indicate is about half the page used, with three column pages, where your content takes up its half in the center, with borders of about one quarter of the page for margins.

Also, it’s best to have either space or borders (in limited does) around the things you want the visitors to see.

Describe Each Paragraph Or Section

Each paragraph you write should have a header (in bold) of some type that indicates what’s discussed. 

This is because people love to scan documents and go straight to the most relevant areas of interest.

It’s not that we’re lazy (although we are, lol), it’s a matter of remembering time is precious and you don’t know what each reader wants or needs.  So,consider their needs in your writing and make it easy for them. 

This shows you respect their time, and they, in return, respect you more.

Is There A Good Width For  Columns?

According to Google (and many webmasters) people prefer to read narrow columns, like those in a newspaper. So, keep your columns narrow, usually no more than a third or half the visible page in width.

Two to three lines long works best, and certainly no longer than the paragraph is wide.

Specifically, 80 characters is the LONGEST line you’ll want to use, and 60 will work best. (these columns are 70 characters wide, about 480 pixels).

What’s A Good Font For SEO?

Many people have issues seeing fancy fonts because of eyesight issues. Because of this, the best fonts to use are “true type”, without serifs, and are normally found in all computers.

My personal preference on all my websites is to use either Verdana or Arial.

SEO Tip:
Try to help your visitors scan your page…
Use headers that describe upcoming paragraphs

SEO Tip:
People prefer to read fonts with no serifs so they can be read easily.
Keep your Text Easy to Read

Pick The Right Font And Background Color

Another thing many people fail to consider is contrast. If the colors of the font and the background blend together, it makes the writing very hard to read.

Make sure your colors contrast well, usually colors at different ends of the spectrum work best.

Pick The Right Size

The size of the font is the last consideration when laying out your content. 

Many people design their pages and try to cram as much as possible is the limited space available.  Don’t do this. 

Instead, use a font size that lends itself well to reading.  11 and 12 point type is generally the best, but you might need to increase this if you are using colors that don’t contrast well (which is something else to avoid!).

Use Header Tags

Header tags aren’t just to make visitors see certain text easier. Header tags tell the search engines what YOU think is important for your visitors to see.

Make sure you use only one <h1> tag, no <h2> more than 2-3 tags, and liberally use others throughout the page to stress keyword phrases in your content.

Getting a Second Opinion

As a rule, I ALWAYS recommend having another person take a look at the content before “going live”.

Post the page on a separate section of the site and invite someone you know has the necessary skills to take a look at it for you.

Checking your Work

After writing your article and placing it on the web page, it’s best to check the results.

What I do first is scroll my view of the page so I can see most of it on one screen to reveal the overall shape.

Then I return to normal view and stand back 3-4 feet from the screen. If I can’t easily read the content or don’t like the way it appears, I make adjustments as necessary.

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