Search Engine Spider – SEO Tutorial

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Search Engine Spider tutorial

Search Engine Spider – SEO Tutorial

In our Search Engine Spider Tutorial, we teach you what you need to understand about website mechanics and how these search engines use analytics to rank your website.

What Are Spiders And Bots

Search engines “crawl” through the entire world wide web by using what they call spiders or bots. 

Both are basically the same thing, a program designed to pick the best websites for every conceivable keyword combination.

What’s A “Search Engine Spider”?

Search engine spiders are basically computer programs that browse the internet. The spider reviews every web page and scans it for applicability to different searches. 

The site crawled is then indexed (saved) to a database that can bring out data when a visitor types the keyword.

Who Needs The Data From A Spider?

Anyone who ever searches for anything using a search engine needs the information a spider gathers to make sure they get a site that answers their particular needs at that time.  If searchers don’t find what they want, they just use a different search engine.

Why Should I Care?

If you want your site to appear on a search engine results page so you can get organic visitors, you really should care.  If the search engine spider doesn’t see any relevance of your site to a search string (called “keywords”) they won’t offer it to their users.

Okay, So How Can I Appear Higher On The SERP’s?

The best way to appear high on a search result page is to offer great content that visitors will want, all based on one central keyword phrase.  Having a site with great inter related content shows your site to be more of an authority on one subject, raising your reputational value.

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