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Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

SEO Tutorial for The 
Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

All About The SERP

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. If the searchers don’t see your site come up on the search engine results page (SERP), the chances are they will never see your site.  Of course, that’s why you’re here… to learn how to get it seen.

What Sites Get “Seen” on the SERP?

As we discussed before, the search engines are businesses.  They get paid by advertisers because people use their search engine.

If people stop using them, the ads stop, the money stops, they go out of business.  So, they HAVE to keep the searchers using their system happy.  They do that by giving them search results that are what the searcher wants to see.

How do Search Engines Rank Sites?

The search engines have spiders (or “bots”) that are basically programs that are constantly scouring the internet and cataloging every site they come across based on different things. 

The main things the search spiders look for is what their searchers want to see: a reputable site that has content which matches their search and that the site is easy to use.  If your site has these qualities, the search engines will like you and reward you with high page rank.  It’s that simple.

Making A Positive First Impression

When you see a website come up on a search result, that is the first impression you get of web business and its relevance to what you’re after. 

And, if you remember, you want information, not to be sold.  What you are looking at in the SERP is the page title and description for the website.  Remembering “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression” will earn you lots of clicks.

Description of Your Result On Search Engine Results Page

When you type in Google your keyword the search engine results page loads up, you will see something like this:

The entry right below that is the #1 ranked site for my search keywords (I searched for netkarigar).  That is the position you are trying to get.

SERP, Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Prerender Tag

The orange sign in the image shows that Google has added a prerender tag to his URL as Google believes that user most likely to click this result. This generally happens to brand query.

Title Of Your Web Pages

Title is where you should use your keyword once within a good attractive sentence.

Try to use the keyword in the beginning of sentence.

Writing an Effective Page Title

The page title is the same page title you enter in on your website in the HTML coding. 

Notice how this one is catchy and describes the site?  That’s the kind of description you want. 

Make sure the page title is interesting and relevant to your industry, that web page and your clientele.

Descriptions of Your Web Pages

Here you will be writing your description between 120 to 156 characters not more than 156 and bellow 120 is the best description.

Again your keyword should be used only once here.

Writing an Effective Page Description

The page description is probably the most important thing to focus on regarding your site, except for the content. 

If this turns off the reader, you’ll never know it because they will continue down the page until they see one that makes them think. 

Consider this as your advertisement.  The reader is already looking for your service or product, you need to convince them that this page answers the need that brought them to the internet.

More Information About Metadata

Samuel Hovi wrote a great section in an article on SEO Terminology that’s worth reading. There are many on the internet, and I recommend checking out what the professionals from Google, Yahoo, and DMOZ say.

What all this Means

In essence, you need to pay attention to your page titles and descriptions. 

They are the means that gets the attention of the searchers and convinces them to go to your site. 

Making your title and description appealing and tell about what they will find there when they arrive. 

In your battle to get visitors from the search engines, your words on the search engine results page can be your greatest ally.

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