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Positioning SEO Tutorial

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Positioning seo tutorial

Positioning SEO Tutorial

In our Positioning SEO Tutorial, we will be learning about ranking on search engines.

What Is Positioning In SEO?

SEO Positioning is basically using search engine optimization to gain better results on the search engine results for your business. 

Since it’s easy to get confused by the process, take some of the mystery out of this for your website.

Rule #1

Search Engines Are Businesses

The search engines are in the business of providing accurate, relevant results to their users. 

Try to look at the search engine as a client you are serving, where they pay you with higher search positioning in return for the value you provide their clients. 

You help them, they help you.  SEO for Positioning is really simple.

Rule #2


The second rule in SEO Positioning is a simple one. 

You have a business relationship you are starting with the search engines that could develop into a ton of free customers for your business. 

Would you want to cheat them for the quickbuck, or go for the “brass ring” and get solid, consistent business?  So,remember to not cheat the search engines. 

Instead, provide pages that answer a question the search engine uses is asking and you’ll be rewarded with a solid position.

Rule #4

Serving Everyone

Many times people forget about people with disabilities, but not the search engines.

As a matter of fact, they place a high value on sites that are optimized for those who need to use “readers” to know what is on the search engines.  This is where your page meta data comes into play.

Rule #3

Site Focus = Respect

Let’s say you have an expensive car and it breaks down.  Would you rather have a shade tree mechanic working on it or a trained mechanic?  The search engines look at websites like this, too.

They know the best information will be coming from websites that are dedicated to their client’s subject of interest.  So, try to make sure your site pages are all relevant to one subject.

A Final Note On Positioning SEO

Be Honest

There are a lot of ways you can cheat the search engines to gain SEO Positioning, but the search engines always try to find those who are trying to beat their system. 

The results can be severe, even having your site removed entirely from their index for extended periods of time. 

Besides, why expend all that effort, time and money on getting around the ruleswhen just applying good business principles will get you where you want to be?

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