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Online SEO-PPC-SEM | Which One To Choose


online seo vs ppc

Online SEO VS PPC, Which One To Choose?

Do you want to drive traffic to your site and asking yourself Online SEO vs PPC Which one to choose? Here you will find your answer to this question.

My answer to this question is that you should go to “Online SEO”. There are so many reasons and one of them is 70% of Google visitors click on Organic Searches. It takes some time but gives great results.

Assuming by now my reader know what online SEO and PPC is and if you are new on my site please read my other post about Types OF Search Engine Marketing.

seo vs ppc


In short, there are two basic differences between SEO vs PPC.

1) How traffic is obtained

Organic Traffic:

Search Engine Optimization or onlineSEO is the organic way to rank in search engines.

Paid Traffic: 

Pay Per Click or PPC, is instant and quicker traffic.

2) Where listings appear on the search results pages.


These results are in between of two portion of ads location PPC SERPs.


Such results are on the top and bottom of SEO SERP.

Google Visitors Likes Organic Search Results

Visitors on Google search pages when they are searching for there query and get results 70% clicks on organic results which are the result you get from Online SEO of your site.

Only 30% of user clicks on Ads on the search page which is the result of Online PPC or Google Ads campaigns.

Time Duration and Durability

No doubt that you will get traffic from online PPC in short time frame as compared to online SEO ( Onsite Search Engine Optimization) if you are having good PPC campaign but the time you will stop using PPC for any reason your site will not be visible to anyone.

With the SEO of your site, your site will rank gradually but it will not disappear until you remove your site from search engines.


As far as expense are concerned PPC can be more expensive if you competing for high value keyword compared to its return.

Online SEO can be expensive if you hiring some agency or freelancer and not doing yourself but still as compared to its return the expense is not very high as it gives long term results.

White Hat SEO Is For Long Term

If you are using white hat strategies for search engine optimization or online SEO of your website then its a great news for you always for getting better traffic and higher ranking on search engine result page SERP’s day by day.

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