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SEO Tutorial for Online E-Commerce Sites

In this SEO Tutorial I will briefly explain how to use for Online E-Commerce Sites.

SEO for Online Product Sales

Search engine optimization for online markets that sell products online must take a different approach to SEO, though still based on content. 

For online marketplaces and other e-commerce sites, the metadata is critical, as is the style of descriptions used for each product they sell.

Meta Data and SEO for Online Markets

Contrary to informational sites, online markets and stores need not focus so strongly on their meta keywords and descriptions. 

All that is needed here is a brief description for each page that indicates what’s to be found there.  The real issue is in making keyword based product descriptions that sell.

Determining Keywords for Descriptions

Any online sales company will need to know their products and what terms people use to search for them on search engines. 

These are the terms that will draw traffic to your site. 

If you aren’t sure what keywords are used, you should get a tool to help you learn these.

Sample Product Description

For instance, if I am selling Acme Digital Cameras, and I know people search for them online, I will be sure to use a variety of keywords in my product description:

“Acme model 1201 Digital Camera, extra clear 15.1 mp and fast 6.3 factions.  Orders in before 5 pm get free shipping (US addresses only).”

This description combines the most popular features of my camera while also having a great call to action (Free Shipping encourages quick response)

Alt Text For Images On Online E-Commerce Sites

Aside from making great descriptions, online stores and markets must be sure to include alt text for all images used. 

These alt tags should have the same functionality as the visible product descriptions because they serve the visually-impaired. 

Because it helps the visitors, the image alt text is also something the search engines value highly for rank.

SEO Tip:
Keywords should be in every text block so search engines can see the relevance of your site.

SEO Tip:
Product descriptions are searchable by the search engines… as well as important to making buyers out of visitors.

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