Links SEO Tutorial

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Links SEO Tutorial

In this SEO tutorial of Linking, we will talk about links between two sites and internal which are within the same site to other post or page.

What’s A Link?

A link is something someone can click on that will send them to another web page(read Wikipedia’s description of links)

Search engines see link as a sort of reputational value for your site, so a link is one of the important factors for ranking high in search engine results pages.

The Facts And What They Mean to Your Site

Links come in several different styles, but they all are classified as inbound or outbound and internal.

Internal Links

These links work within the same site mean within the same domain or URL , like when I write some post I link to some other related post for a reference or to tell you to check in detail within that particular link I mention.

Different Kinds Of Links With Other Site

Outbound Links

Outbounds are for the same purpose but it takes you to other sites for reference. Having low value but show you are not afraid to send someone to another site to confirm your position. 

Inbound Links

Inbounds are which the other site referred to you for the same purpose.

These are high value to search engines because these natural links show the respect another webmaster has for your site content.


Because inbound have an impact on your search engine results and your page rank many people try schemes and strategies to get more of inbounds to their site’s pages. 

These inbound link strategies are usually not good things because the true value for inbound comes from natural occurring links. 

Still, people take part in “linking strategies” even though they know getting caught trying to influence search results artificially can get your site blocked by Google.

How the Search Engines See Linking Strategies

The search engines goal is to provide the best, most relevant sites to the people who use their search engines and any practice which tries to artificially create a reputation for a site is frowned upon. 

Because of this, there is only one linking strategy approved by the search engines.

The Only Approved Linking Strategy

The only “strategy” for getting more inbound linking which any search engine will approve of is one that is actually a public relations effort. 

This would involve contacting a webmaster of a site with relevant content to yours and asking them to link to you.  Ideally, you will already have links to their site, showing your respect for them.

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