High Ranking or Better Pagerank?

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Do I Need High Ranking or Better Pagerank?

Before we get into the technical mumbo-jumbo, you need to decide whether you need rankings or search engine results. 

Since most new website owners get these confused, it’s important to clarify the difference. 

The ranking is merely your site standing as opposed to the other 1.7 billion active websites out there as of 2019. 

Pagerank is where your visitors reach you through a search on a search engine SERPs.

Search Engine Rankings Explained

Website Ranking measures different aspects of your visitor traffic and links into and out of your site weekly. 

Using all the data collected about your site gives an overall “impression” of how visitors like your web site and the ranking achieved is your reputation as a website for satisfying your visitors. 

Look at the Alexa rank as a “reputation” measurement similar to the Fortune 500 list. Mainly, Alexa uses your “reach” and “page views” to determine your ranking.

Definition of Reach

“Reach” is a statistic that describes the number of people throughout the world who see your site. 

Usually, this means your content or focus is something that appeals to people from all over the world.

Definition of Pageviews

Pageviews are the number of pages actually viewed by each visitor to your site. 

This is an excellent indicator of the content in your site quality. 

If the users like what they see and are interested in your content, then they’ll click through and read more pages.

Pagerank Explained

Pagerank (abbreviated “PR”) is an important indicator of your website’s reputation throughout the internet. 

The term “PageRank” was named for LarryPage, the “inventor”.

There are many factors that determine your PageRank. 

These factors are Domain Age, Page Backlinks, Domain backlinks,  .edu Backlinks, DMOZ listing, cache age as well as having the page keywords located in title tags, URL, description, and head tag.

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